Heckler AV Cart – Generation-e Express
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler AV Cart-Generation-e
Heckler Design

Heckler AV Cart

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The Modern Video Conferencing Cart

Build your perfect video conferencing solution with Heckler AV Cart. Slick looks, modular construction, nest-ability, and support for the latest video conferencing equipment are combined to create a standout video conferencing cart.

Good Looks

You take pride in your office environment. Your video conferencing carts should be designed and constructed to compliment the spaces you work in. Heckler AV Cart allows you to stash modern components behind the TV and out-of-sight, while managing any cable mess with ease.

Designed for Modern Video Conferencing

Video conferencing no longer requires large computers and components. So, why are all other video conferencing carts bloated with unnecessary cabinetry? Heckler AV Cart is designed with careful consideration to support the latest conferencing cameras, codecs, and speakerphones - without the bulk.

Built For Big Screens

Big, beautiful HD and UHD displays have never been so affordable. Equip your Heckler AV Cart with displays up to 75 inches to bring your video conferences to life. VESA 400 mounting pattern required. 

Saves Tons of Floor Space

With Heckler AV Cart's patented nesting design, you can free up massive amounts of storage floor space. Twelve nested and fully-equipped Heckler AV Carts requires only about six feet of running floor space - that’s one-fourth the floor space required by our closest competitor.

Infinitely Configurable

If you are an AV professional, odds are, you are an opinionated SOB. With Heckler AV Cart, you can configure your carts your way. Camera above the TV? Sure. Below? Sure. Codec behind the TV? Yup. Speakerphone on a shelf? Duh. We’ve invented (and patented) a new cart-based rack system and shelf hardware that enables your ideas - because your ideas are the best ideas.

Rack & Shelf

Use our patented Multi Shelves to mount a video camera, power strip, Codec, control tablet, hide and organize wire mess, shelve a speakerphone, carry input devices, and much more. Every Heckler AV Cart ships with two Multi Shelves. Additional Multi Shelves available a-la-cart.

Upgrade To Dual Displays Anytime

Transform Heckler AV Cart into a full-blown telepresence juggernaut with Dual Display Kit for Heckler AV Cart. Position your dual display cart at the edge of your conference room table to create a first-class telepresence experience. 

Dual Display Kit for Heckler AV Cart supports two VESA 400x400 displays, each up to 75 inches.

Optional Soundbar Kit

Soundbar Kit (sold separately) supports most soundbars, allowing for a wide range of shapes, sizes, and mounting configurations. Thanks to its adjustable height, Soundbar Kit ensures you’ll be able to mount yours according to the suggested mounting distance from your television. Soundbar Kit is compatible with soundbars that have keyholes in the rear, threaded inserts in the rear, and threaded inserts on the bottom.

Note: Compatible with soundbars 35 inches wide and wider; with mount hole spacing 33.5 inches wide or less.

Built Like A Tank

If you have used any Heckler Design product, you already know - we never compromise build quality and we over-engineer whenever we get the chance. Heckler AV Cart is no different. Its base and structure is fabricated from fully bead-welded thick steel and fastened together with 0.5-inch diameter alloy steel bolts. 

Ready To Roll

Grab its integrated handles to quickly and easily roll a fully-loaded Heckler AV Cart from room to room.

Every Heckler AV Cart ships with standard interior 4-inch casters - two braking, and two non-braking. Heckler AV Cart is compatible with any 10mm threaded-post caster or leveling foot.

Integrated Cable Management

With all of your components, wire mess, and power strip hidden inside Multi Shelves behind your display, your single power cord (and network cable) neatly guides down the cart's vertical and base to the floor - cleanly routed by integrated hook & loop straps and cable guides.

Fast & Easy Assembly

Two-people and ten minutes is all you need to assemble and equip Heckler AV Cart (not including your obsessive cable-tie time). We’ve carefully considered your time in the design of the packaging, assembly, and configuration of Heckler AV Cart. Assembly tools included.


  • Heckler AV Cart base
  • Heckler AV Cart vertical arms
  • Two Multi Shelves
  • Two braking casters
  • Two non-braking casters
  • Assembly hardware
  • M8 TV mounting hardware
  • M6 TV mounting hardware