Lenovo ThinkSmart View – Generation-e Express
Lenovo ThinkSmart View-Generation-e

Lenovo ThinkSmart View

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A new form factor, built for the modern workplace that includes an 8" HD display, a powerful speaker, far field microphones,and an HD camera, this revolutionary personal business communication device frees up the PC from meetings and calls so that employees can finally be fully productive and fully collaborative at the same time. Built on the user-friendly Microsoft Teams platform, ThinkSmart View enables employees to remain productive on their PCs while this smart office device handles videoconferencing, content viewing, and more. From executive suites, to remote offices, to common areas, ThinkSmart View will transform how employees work alone and together by providing a device that works with their PCs.

Smart starts here

ThinkSmart View is a smart office device that holds unlimited potential for helping employees work more efficiently from almost any location. From private and home offices to shared work spaces and common areas to privacy booths, employees will enjoy greater productivity and easier collaboration. It also enables fast, secure, and easy hot-desking.

Super productivity

With features like the time-saving one-touch Microsoft Teams meeting start and other always-on efficiencies, ThinkSmart View helps your employees get more out of the work day. ThinkSmart View can be used for voice and video calls, content viewing, and more, freeing up the PC for note taking or other work.

Go team

As a fully dedicated Microsoft Teams device that’s voice-ready out of the box, ThinkSmart View offers a friendly, familiar interface for collaboration between team members and richer, content-centric meetings through the Microsoft Teams IP Phone app. Employees will enjoy clear audio thanks to its powerful built-in mics and speakers.

Always secure

With a built-in camera shutter, microphone mute button, and 4-digit access PIN, ThinkSmart View offers security and privacy whether in use or at rest.