Poly Trio 8500-Generation-e

Poly Trio 8500

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Poly Trio 8500 with Poly HD Voice and Acoustic Clarity technologies combines full duplex, echo cancellation, and noise reduction with advanced voice processing. Poly’s patented NoiseBlock technology automatically detects non-speech noise and mutes the microphones for you. With 4.3m of pick up, it is ideal for the midsize conference room.

Versatile and flexible

For customers beginning their journey from other IP PBXs, operating the Trio 8500 in the Skype for Business profile allows dual registration accommodating both platforms.

Eliminate background noise

Eliminate non-speech background noise with Poly NoiseBlock. Noises like keyboard typing or paper shuffling can derail your conversation, especially when they happen close to the microphone. Poly NoiseBlock listens for times when sound is occurring but no one is talking and automatically mutes your microphone. As soon as you start speaking, the microphone is un-muted again so you are always heard.

Simple and flexible

The Trio 8500 is designed to make your meetings work. Join meetings in an instant with the click-to-join meeting reminder. Mute buttons on each of the trio’s 3 legs simplifies operation and reduce mistakes. Trio offers even more flexibility easily pair a mobile device or laptop to Poly Trio using USB.