Crestron Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor, PoE-Generation-e

Crestron Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor, PoE

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The Crestron® CEN-ODT-C-POE is a low-profile, ceiling-mounted occupancy sensor that features passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic (US) motion detection technology.

The CEN-ODT-C-POE is designed for areas up to 2,000 square feet, making it great for use in large spaces such as auditoriums, warehouses, and building lobbies. It is an effective solution for reducing energy consumption and enhancing the functionality of lighting and environmental systems.

The CEN-ODT-C-POE can be paired with Crestron TSS room scheduling screens to provide room presence state and automatic check-in for scheduled meetings. 

Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensing
Achieving consistent and dependable occupancy sensing is accomplished using a combination of ultrasonic (US) and passive infrared (PIR) sensing technologies. Ultrasonic motion detection is highly sensitive to small movements over a large area, while passive infrared sensing ensures superior immunity to false triggers from vibrations, inanimate objects, or movement in an adjacent corridor.

Ultrasonic motion detection can be turned on for Side A, Side B, or both sides of the occupancy sensor to avoid false occupancy readings when the sensor is facing a hallway or doorway. The CEN-ODT-C-POE provides independent sensitivity adjustment for each sensor type for optimum performance in any space.

A single-wire Ethernet connection allows the CEN-ODT-C-POE to report to the Crestron XiO Cloud™ service when no control system is in place. Crestron XiO Cloud integration allows for device configuration, occupancy status reporting, and online/offline status.

Versatile Installation
The CEN-ODT-C-POE achieves a discreet, nearly hidden appearance when installed on a typical plaster or drop tile ceiling. Hardware is included for fast and simple mounting in a standard 4-in. octagon box or in a hole created with the help of the provided cutout template.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Crestron employs enterprise-grade networking with robust security features such as 802.1X authentication, TLS encryption, HTTPS connectivity, and Active Directory® service integration. These features are imperative to protect your network against service interruptions and malicious intrusions, and to ensure compliance with your organization’s network policies. Cloud‑based provisioning and management streamlines the process of configuring, monitoring, and updating every device on the network. Additional support for SNMP allows Crestron devices to be monitored by your IT administrator alongside other devices on the network.