Huddly GO-Generation-e
Huddly GO-Generation-e
Huddly GO-Generation-e

Huddly GO

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Huddly GO inc 0.6m cable

Ultra Wide-Angle Huddly GO’s 150° wide-angle lens lets you capture everyone in the room, transforming even the smallest rooms into high-quality conference suites

Dynamic Light Optimization Auto-adjusts to your lighting conditions so you’ll always look your best, no mater where you are

Visual Noise Filtering Bias compensating Spatio-temporal filtering with wide-area chroma filtering

Real-Time Dewarping The wide-angle image is dewarped and perspective corrected in real-time, rendering a natural, true-life view

Self-Upgrading Huddly Vision Software Regular updates to Huddly Vision software mean that with a single click, your camera will continue to improve with new, cutting-edge features

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 HD 720p 30fps output

180° Auto-Flip When mounted upside down, the camera automatically provides the correct view

Embedded Mounting Hinge Easily attaches to any TV screen, laptop, or monitor

Image Sensor The 16 MegaPixel 1/2.3” CMOS sensor delivers immersive, crystal-clear HD video

Camera Tripod Mount For flexible mounting on tripods and Huddly mounting brackets

Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom Huddly GO has no moving parts, making it compact and silent, as well as more reliable and accurate. Instantly pan, tilt and zoom digitally up to 4 times