Yealink MVC840-Generation-e
Yealink MVC840-Generation-e
Yealink MVC840-Generation-e
Yealink MVC840-Generation-e
Yealink MVC840-Generation-e

Yealink MVC840

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Yealink MVC840 - Microsoft Teams Room System for Large Rooms

Designed for large meeting rooms, the Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams Room system is a bundle video solution with MCore mini-PC, touch panel, UVC84 4K camera, VCM34 and MSpeaker II audio system,  bringing everything you need to interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly and intelligently.

The MCore mini-PC can be set up according to particular room layout. Mounting on the wall, sticking to the table can be realized. Also, in all Yealink MVC II room systems, the MCore cable management solution integrates data and power supply into one CAT5e cable, simplifying the complicated connections and reducing the deployment time.

Users can enjoy plugging in the Yealink WPP20 with one click to share the screen wirelessly, or connecting the laptop to the meeting through the USB-C or HDMI port easily. In the Yealink MVC II room system, all participants have the flexibility of choosing either wireless or wired ways of content sharing.

What's included?

  • MCore Mini-PC

  • MTouch II 8" touch panel

  • UVC84 4K 12x PTZ Camera

  • 2x Table Microphones

  • 1x Speaker Bar

  • 1x Wireless Presentation Pod


  • 8" touch screen console
  • Wireless presentation
  • Simplified cabling and installation
  • Auto Framing Camera
  • USB-C & HMDI content input
  • Supports additional speakers and mics
  • Remote Management

 Yealink MVC840 - Microsoft Teams Rooms system for large spaces