Yealink UH38-Generation-e
Yealink UH38-Generation-e
Yealink UH38-Generation-e
Yealink UH38-Generation-e
Yealink UH38-Generation-e
Yealink UH38-Generation-e

Yealink UH38

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Yealink's UH38 Dual Mode headset offers both wired or wireless connectivity via USB cable and Bluetooth respectively.

You can connect it as a USB headset by plugging a USB cable into the call controller, then connecting that cable to a computer or VoIP phone (that supports USB headset connectivity).

The call controller has a USB-C port and the package includes a USB-C to USB-A cable. You could, however, use a USB-C to USB-C cable (not included) as well, so it works for either USB type. At the same time, you can connect the headset via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or VoIP phone (that supports Bluetooth connectivity).

If you want to get up and move around, you can just unplug the USB cable and you'll still have the Bluetooth connection. In other words, UH38 Dual provides unique flexibility.

The inline call controller UH38 Dual UC has a dedicated button for launching your voice assistant. The call controller unit has a clip on it that you can clip to, for example, your pocket or shirt for convenience. UH38 Dual offers exceptional audio quality, including dynamic EQ that switches between call mode and music mode — optimize sound based on use-case.

The noise cancelling microphones clarify your voice quality — plus Acoustic Shield to greatly limit background noise. A 360° busylight lets coworkers know when you're on a call. As a USB or Bluetooth headset, UH38 Dual UC works with almost every cloud phone service, softphone or VoIP phone system on the market today. It's also the perfect choice for a headset to use with compatible Yealink VoIP phones.


  • Phenomenal Audio for Call and Music
    Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones
    Dual Connections of USB and Bluetooth
    Call Controller with Build-in Battery
    360° Busylight
    Skin-friendly and Soft Headband & Ear Cushions


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